Flash Media

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AZ Central Online Sticker Flash


One of our local papers put the finished graphic together for their online Education section.  I took their graphic and animated it in Flash for our home page.


StartSmart Headquarters Flash


StartSmart Headquarters.  The original graphic elements and clip art came from our Graphic Designer; I did everything else, including the vacation photo upload site (the ability to add photos is turned off now).


Family Feud Flash


This was done many years ago in Flash, version 5. After the song stops, click above the lights above the right-hand score box to reveal the "how-to" instructions for playing the game. I created it as a classroom teaching tool. The current question set is for Dreamweaver.


UACT Instructor Site Flash


The home page of my instructor site at the University of Advancing Computer Technology had become just a large list of links. I built a front-end interface to organize the sub-pages.


Celebrate Excelling Labels Flash

Celebrate Labels

When the number of "Excelling" schools in our District went up in 2005, I created this animation (with a transparent background) that appeared as an overlay on top of our masthead.


School Start Countdown Flash


As part of the Start Smart campaign, I added this small "sticker" to the homepage to countdown the time until the start of school (August 13). After school started, I switched it to countup Flash


firefoxAfter school started, I switched it to this one:


Open Enrollment Ad Flash


This Open Enrollment ad was on the right side of the home page.