Flash Mob

Hooray Seattle! What a cool town where people just break out into dancing in public.

Zoo Mob: Woodland Park Zoo


Friday, July 15, 2016. Zoo was having a gala fundraiser. In the middle of the auction, we started in with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". Then danced to Justin Timberlake.

Video: Allez Cat Productions 

Tribal Mob: Henry Art Gallery 2016


Tuesday, February 6, 2016. It has no music track to it, will include grunts, oms, and clicks from the cast, body percussion, and some synchronous movement. It's (shhh) for the Henry Art Museum annual gala. We're creating a piece of performance art.

Video: Allez Cat Productions  Facebook Posts: Jennifer Swartz, Rich Williams, Rich also, Rich 3, Carrisa Destina,



Tuesday, December 1, 2015. Sang "Holding out for a Hero" at a luncheon with altered lyrics.

Video: Mob The World

Glee 2014


Sunday, September 14, 2014. We mobbed in 3 different locations again. Footloose

Videos: Justin Bonzai (Facebook)

Micheal Jackson Tribute


Sunday, August 30, 2014. We mobbed in 4 different locations. Beat It.

Videos: 2:10 PM Pioneer Square, 3:28 PM Pike Place Market, 4:05 PM Convention Center, 4:50 PM Capitol Hill

Glee 2013


April 14, 2013. We mobbed in 3 different locations again. Footloose

Videos: Mob the World, Sandi Howard Olson

Talking Rain


June 10, 2012. Talking Rain, an iconic Northwest company, is turning 25! So of course we're pulling out the umbrellas and putting on a stunt. Andy did ballet. We had a live band for the music.

Videos: skippypb7 (front view), skippypb7 ( back View)

Glee 2012


April 21, 2012. We mobbed in three locations, and each had a "Special Celebrity". The first, at Seattle Center was a look-alike for Mr. Schuester. The second was a marriage proposal, and the third was Egan, himself doing an "It gets better" video.

Videos: Official, Proposal Conspirasy by Zheng, SeattleRex, MarkKaput POV, flashmobtheworld - Egan's It Gets Better Video, sndttan88 - Egan's It Gets Better Video, jbadonkadonk - Westlake Park, jbadonkadonk - Space Needle (from the back of the mob) (Capures Scott and I pretty clearly for 1 second)   Photos: Jazzy Photos

Dare to Dance


March 16, 2012. For Zheng's birthday, he rented out an auditorium and had friends of his put on a dance concert. It was put on again in 2012 and I was in "Freak Mob" (wasn't in it originally, but learned enough to be in it here), The end of "Circus" with the canes, Something else, and the end of the proposal mob.


Northwest AIDS Walk


Opening celebrations and later street mob. September 2011 - Video, Joe Lessmann

Pike Place Market 104th Anniversary (and Rachel's 25th birthday)


August 17, 2011. There's a special anniversary celebration for a major Downtown tourist attraction, and we'll be surprising the (ample) crowds in this outdoor space with a flash mob! We'll be doing a reprise of Jared's Firework choreography, with a fun theatrical twist that we'll pass out to the mobbers just before the event. (we all wore pig noses)

Videos: The Market Foundation

Jai Ho Wedding


On August 8th, 2011, we mobbed a wedding in Kirkland. We worked with the serving staff and some of us dressed in their uniforms and were wandering the reception with trays pretending to bus tables. In the middle of the groom's speech to the bride, he and the groomsmen broke into the flash mob, and us wait staff and other fake attendees joined them half-way through. Photos

Firework Mob (aka Flower Mob)


On July 21, 2011, hundreds came out to celebrate the dedication of a sculpture 7 years in the making from celebrated sculptor Ginny Ruffner, and a flash mob broke out! Produced by Egan Orion of One Degree Events and choreographed by Jared Jones. Hosted by the Sheraton Seattle. Official: onedegreeevents, frenchfry4us0, mwfire9, rachaelbookworm

Rehearsal Videos: Teaching 1, Teaching 2, Rehearsal

Katy Perry Concert


July 20, 2011. We mobbed the people waiting inline to go see Katy Perry in concert at Key Arena.

Videos: movin925, facebook: Kim Terlicker Moen

Pride Parade 2011


June 26, 2011. We mobbed Egan as he went down the parade route as one of the grand marshalls.

Videos: Westlake: EricKNSeattle, thefourthwallLA   Belltown: thefourthwallLA

Salsa, African, Jai Ho!


May 20, 2011.

Rehearsal Videos: Salsa, African, Jai Ho

Video - A flash mob erupted at our 10th Anniversary Dinner & Celebration. Dancers surprised and delighted guests with a salsa number, some African dance and a big Bollywood blowout to "Jai Ho" from the movie "Slumdog Millionaire."

Glee 2011 - UW


April 15, 2011.

Videos: csundita, ALIBHALY001, HamburgerParty (on Vimeo), onedegreevents, Scott Macklin

Glee 2011


April 10, 2011.

Dance Notes Microsoft Word

Videos: One Degree Events (Practice in Century Ballroom) (I'm in the middle in yellow). Love4artnpeace (Practice Bobby Morris), Love4artnpeace (Practice 2 in Bobby Morris), messing around at rehearsal, B Team Rehearsal: (Century Ballroom, UW Stake Center). Performance: ilovelaketapps, ilovelaketapps(aerial) Official, The Toast (on Vimeo), JonasFiel, SeattleRex, krescendo,  Photos: Mike Costales, Jazzy Photo

Special Olympics Breakfast


March 23, 2011.

Stadium Rock


September 12, 2010. The halftime show of the first Seahawks game. At one of the rehearsals, one of the line leaders asked me to be in her line. I did not know it at the time, but that particular line also then became the Letter Line leaders. So I became a leader of sorts in this Flash mob too. I was South side, line 1, leader of the C's.

Videos: official, NW aerial, S endzone, SE nosebleed, SE eyelevel, NE aerial (no audio),

Photos: Mike Costales, Jazzy Photo

So You Think You Can Dance / Glee


July 31, 2010. Mobbing the Torchlight parade in downtown Seattle.

Dance Notes Adobe Acrobat

Practice Videos: Official Tabitha and Napolean | Slowly, from the back.

Mob: Ours. Other ( sherikinley, tressaclinton, Cruisetta ) Universal City Walk

Single Ladies / Glee


June 27, 2010. Went to the "Drag Auditions" to see what it was all about. Beth was looking for 5 people to be the main Drag Queens. Five people showed up to rehearsal, so we all got cast. I thought I could re-use the Kiss of a Spider Woman outfit I had used at Camp.

Videos - Ours. Other ( zerozeek, savtrouble, Trillian276709, flickr, facebook )

Mike Costales Photos ( facebook, website )



April 10, 2010. Went to the first rehearsal back in March and was dubbed an "Instructor." Got to do the second small part of the routine before the mob joined in.

You Tube - Westlake Center. Through the second half of Don't Stop Believin' I am in the upper right: Cream colored hat, gray sweatshirt, backpack. I was a "B" team dancer. Pioneer Square. Seattle Center.

The Seattle Times took video from 4 different locations of the Glee Flash mob and sliced them together. There is a pretty good shot of me at 2:54 - Don't Blink!


 icon2009 Halloween in Renton. Repeated a couple days later at a private party. Became a Dance Captain at the last rehearsal. Wore a yellow armband so the other dancers could find me.


My personal view at street-level. Video

The official video showing all the dancers. Video

Another 2nd-story viewpoint. I am under the left side of the weird lamp-thing. Video

Another 2nd-story view. My head shows up in the lower-left corner a lot when they zoom in. Video

My head in the upper-right corner. Toward the end, the crowd opens up and you can see me full length for a couple of seconds. Video

I get a freeze-frame at about :45 with the words "Be Part of History" around my face! Then at 1:50 I am pretty centered in the rehearsal. Video