Web and database developer with 6 years experience creating, testing, documenting, implementing and managing database-driven Web-based applications. Specialized areas include Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, Photoshop, and SQL Server administration in a Windows environment.

Web Design


A six page website for a real estate agent. The header of each page contains two images that are chosen with a ColdFusion random function. The contents between the images were created in Flash and are unique to each page. There are two Contact Us forms that send the entered data to the real estate agent. A search page includes a website from another server allowing users to search the ARMLS.

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Web Development


Users can select various items and see the remaining balance in their account. There is a review page before final submit, and a display page of all their orders. The kitchen, then has a report page for the day's orders, sortable by user or item. There is also a collection of graph pages showing the number of orders per day, the number of orders per user, and the number of times each item has been ordered.

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Flash Media


This was done many years ago in Flash, version 5. After the song stops, click above the lights above the right-hand score box to reveal the "how-to" instructions for playing the game. I created it as a classroom teaching tool. The current question set is for Dreamweaver.

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Layout Design

Harkins Movie Theater Ad

The marketing department had an opportunity to have space in the slides that played before movies in one of the theatres within our District boundaries. I took one of our existing magazine ads and created a new layout in Photoshop for the requirements of the theatre projection system.

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Theater Masks icon

Black Charcoal and White Chalk on Gray Paper.

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