The images below represent a variety of drawings and other artistic creations.

Theatre Masks JPEG

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Black Charcoal and White Chalk on Gray Paper.


Symbol JPEG

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Cut Paper. I had an assignment to create displays of "curves" with cut paper within a 4 inch square frame and "lines" within another 4 inch square frame. When I was done with the project, the pieces in this image were the left over bits. I intertwined them and mounted them on an 8x10 board creating a mix of curves and lines. This was not part of the assignment, but I thought the shapes were interesting and I wanted to create something with them.


Face Portraits JPEG

Face Portrait icon Face Portrait icon Face Portrait icon

Pencil Sketches


Cameras, Glad Bags, Bicycle Mobile JPEG

Cameras, Glad Bags, Bicycle Mobile icon

Pen Line Drawing.


Street Corner JPEG

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Pencil Drawing


Hutch JPEG

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Pencil Sketch. I went to an antique store one day and saw this hutch that I thought would look good in my entryway. I wanted to get an image of the piece but I did not have a camera. I asked the store manager for a piece of paper and a pencil and sat down at a table across from hutch and began to sketch. I was there for about an hour as other shoppers wandered through the store. Very enjoyable afternoon.