Layout Design

The images below represent a variety of print and web layout and design.

No Soup For You! JPEG

No Soup For You!

Created in Photoshop using clip art for the chef. This was a sign-up sheet for a pot-luck at work. Attendance at pot-lucks had been low, and I was asked to make the sign-up sheet eye-catching.


Open Enrollment Movie Theatre Slide JPEG

Harkins Movie Theater Ad

The marketing department had an opportunity to have space in the slides that played before movies in one of the theatres within our District boundaries. I took one of our existing magazine ads and created a new layout in Photoshop for the requirements of the theatre projection system.


Color Newspaper Ad JPEG

Color Newspaper Ad

Copper Ridge Math and Science Academy. We had traditionally been placing black and white images when a sales rep at the paper called and offered a free upgrade to a color remnant space. Created in Photoshop.


Newspaper Ad JPEG

Newspaper Ad

Tax Credit ad for a newspaper. Created in Photoshop.


Magazine Ad JPEG

Magazine Ad

Printed in a high-end magazine distributed in Scottsdale, AZ. Created in Photoshop.


Community Connection e-newsletter JPEG


This newsletter is e-mailed to parents and community members of the Scottsdale Unified School District. Created in Dreamweaver; graphics created in Photoshop. Community Connection e-newsletter on the website New Window