Web Development

The files below contain screen shots of some recent projects.

Supply Swap Adobe Acrobat

Supply SwapThe Supply Swap is basically an e-bay for office supplies. Users can see a list of items that other users have posted. When users request a posted item, that request is added to the detail page, and an e-mail is sent to the person who posted the item.


Arcadia Lunch Express Adobe Acrobat

Arcadia Lunch ExpressUsers can select various items and see the remaining balance in their account. There is a review page before final submit, and a display page of all their orders. The kitchen, then has a report page for the day's orders, sortable by user or item. There is also a collection of graph pages showing the number of orders per day, the number of orders per user, and the number of times each item has been ordered.


School Calendar Adobe Acrobat

School CalendarEach school can contribute events to the District Online Calendar (month grid view). The calendar can be filtered by school, type of event, and whether the event is public or for employees. Each school site then uses a different design (the next six events only on the homepage, or month list view) to display the same data.


Staff Directory Adobe Acrobat

Each employee has a personal profile information page where they can specify their school, title, grade level, subjects taught, etc.. Each school's Staff directory is based on that information. When a teacher transfers from one school to another, they can update their profile, and the school staff directories update automatically.


Document Library Adobe Acrobat

Document Library Anyone in the district can upload a file to the Document Library. Files are given tags that are then used to group files together on the page. Users can click on the Payroll link to bring up a list of all the files uploaded and tagged with "Payroll," or use the search box to look for other tags.


IMOD Squad Accounting Adobe Acrobat

IMOD Squad AccountingWe have a club on campus that receives revenue from a vending machine, and then uses that money to buy coffee and snacks for the building. We use this page to keep track of the income and expenses of the club.